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Who Are We...

Rose was thrown in at the deep end when she joined in 2015 with her first Murder Mystery ‘Anything for Love’ followed by the role of Maggie in The Sweetest Girl I Know which was performed at the Hunstanton Festival and she was nominated as best supporting actor. Since then she has appeared in numerous Murder Mysteries and the Christmas Charity Variety Show.  She played Micky an American Cop in ‘The Odd Couple’, Phoebe Reece in ‘Farndale – Murder at Checkmate Manor’ and Rose in Me and My Sister which was also performed at Hunstanton Festival 2017. She went on to play Ruth in Blithe Spirit and just recently again as Phoebe Reece in ‘Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society – A Christmas Carol’.  Prior to joining she had not done any acting since being a teenager. In March 2016 she took over as Chair and is putting her past managerial and organisational skills to use in helping the club to grow.

Rosemary Gibson: Chairlady

Teresa Thomas: Vice Chairlady

Teresa has appeared in four full plays with MTC her first being the Odd Couple when she played Sylvia, a part she found quite challenging because she had to have an American accent, (accents are not her forte) followed by Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Murder Mystery at Checkmate Manor and Me & My Sister and the Doctors wife in Blithe Spirit and Thelma in our latest Farndale production of A Christmas Carol.  She took part in the Christmas Charity Variety Show and has also acted in several murder mysteries in which she has usually been ‘killed off’.   She finds these particularly enjoyable however, as there are no words to remember.

Tina joined MTC at its inception in 2011. Since joining MTC she has been in just about everything the group has put on.  In 2012 she made her full acting debut in MTC's first production Natural Causes. In 2013 she took on a quite daunting role in Dead Guilty, and appeared in Pop Goes the Weasel in 2014. She played Renee in The Odd Couple and Felicity in The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society - Murder @ Checkmate Manor in 2016. She took a back stage role as prompt in Brothers and Sisters and Blithe Spirit in 2017. In 2018 she played Mercedes in The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society – A Christmas Carol.

Tina Camfield: Treasurer

Alan Camfield: Stage Manager

Prior to joining MTC Alan had no experience on stage except as a junior school play scene shifter and local scout gang show more years ago than he cares to remember. However, he has enjoyed parts in MTC productions during the years. Initially joining the club with a view to contributing to the practical side - set and prop design. He found himself the reluctant actor in MTC's first production of Natural Causes in 2012 and Pop Goes the Weasel in 2014. He is set manager and constructs and builds the sets of all MTC's productions with the help of the cast and crew.

Linda Malster

Linda joined the group in October 2012 for something to do during the winter months when she is not playing bowls.  Her intention was to help with costumes and scenery, however she found herself prompting for ‘Natural Causes’ and then treading the boards herself.  She has acted in the last five productions of MTC, taking the lead in The Odd Couple and appearing in both our Farndale plays.

The last time Anna attempted any acting before joining MTC was when she played a dwarf in a pantomime loosely based on Snow White. She played Vera in ‘The Odd Couple’ which was her first real role with MTC.  She did a marvellous job of the sound for our Farndale Murder at Checkmate Manor. In Blithe Spirit she was wonderful as the maid who had caused all the trouble invoking the spirit of Elvira to appear. Our last production of ‘The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society – A Christmas Carol’ she once again did a fantastic job of the sound engineer in what was a challenging play.  She is looking forward to a role in our next production.

Anna Ephithite: Sound

Cameron Mynett

Cameron has been in three MTC productions the latest Farndale - A Christmas Carol as Gordon. He appeared in The Odd Couple and in The Sweetest Girl I Know at the Hunstanton Festival. Outside MTC he has appeared in the Royal Shakespeare Festival in Kings Lyn and various musical based performances.  He is due to feature in a short film in 2019, playing the role of Archangel Lucifer.  At 24 he is also the 2018 British Powerlifting Champion.

Sarah Appleton

Sarah joined MTC in 2016 having had lots of experience as a youth member in her original home town of Dartford in Kent.  In our Victorian Christmas Variety show of that year she stunned us with her voice. Since then she has gone on to play the glamourous ghost in 2017’s production of Blithe Spirit. For the Farndale Christmas Carol she tried her hand for the first time at directing assisted by Sheila Welland.

Bob joined MTC soon after moving to Methwold having trod the boards many times in the past with other amateur dramatic groups.  He has appeared in musicals and many pantomimes but he’s yet to give us his dame. He appeared in Brothers and Sisters as the imaginary brother and has helped back stage on numerous productions.  He had a singing part in our Murder Mystery Brylcream.

Bob Hammond

Terrance Shapland: Secretary/Lighting

Terry hails from neigbouring Feltwell and joined MTC with his knowledge of lighting and theatre presentation. He enjoys the challenges each production brings and loves tweaking the lighting to bring out the best for the performers on stage. Talented as a printer Terry also produces all our programmes and literature.

Andrew Gibson

Andrew joined in 2014 and although not interested in treading the boards is always happy to help out with workdays and be on the door for any of the productions. He is also happy to be our unofficial bouncer. He’s one and only performance was in Four Funerals at a Weeding where he played a corpse impaled by a garden fork and said he didn’t mind doing that as he just had to lie still and didn’t have to learn any lines.

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