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Methwold Theatre Club or MTC is a NODA-affiliated, village based ameteur Club in Norfolk. Formed in 2011 MTC was orignally the brain child of Burtie & Shelia Welland and grew from the enthusiasm shown by its original core of members.

The 2018 active members of th MTC. A brief look at the current members both on and off-stage. A friendly club, our members span a wide age range and we’re always keen to hear from new people age 16 upwards who are interested in joining us, be it on or off stage!

Methwold Theatre Club (MTC) was initially the brainchild of Sheila and Burtie Welland. They had been involved separately and together in theatre for many years. Having moved to Methwold after Burtie’s retirement from the Metropolitan Police in 2008, they became involved in professional touring theatre. However their first love was always local community theatre and early in 2011 they set about canvassing support, and organising, a local group for Methwold.

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The Village’s Theatrical Past ...

Although a long gap there was a sucessful theatre group in Methwold back in the 1950’s. Here we see a number of archive pictures held by Methwold History Group. We like to think of the MTC as reinstating this older entusiastic bunch of locals.